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Areas of Practice


Personal Injury Litigation

Being hurt is a terrible experience. The insurance company/defendant wants to push you around and either deny liability or belittle the injuries they caused. Coast Litigation doesn't allow this to happen. At Coast Litigation we ensure that our clients rights are properly asserted and they get the best outcome possible. 

TRust and estate litigation

Beneficiaries are often taken advantage of by the executor/trustee/personal representative of their loved one's estate. They take advantage of their grieving. They take advantage of the knowledge gap. And they take advantage of the difference in bargaining position. At Coast Litigation we use our knowledge of the Probate Code and Courts to put our clients at equal footing with those that wish to take advantage of them. We powerfully advocate for our clients by ensuring that the decedents' true last wishes are recognized thereby paying proper respect to our client's deceased loved ones and by ensuring that their last gift is not perverted or taken away from them.

Employment litigation

These days employers command all the power in the employee/employer relationship. They believe this means that they are entitled to treat their employees in any way they want. The employers are wrong. At Coast Litigation we stand up for our clients to ensure their rights are not infringed upon and let the bad employers know that they cannot trample upon their employees' lives.