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Use the best employment litigator in Irvine. At Coast Litigation we stand up for our clients to ensure their rights are not infringed upon. We let bad employers know that they cannot trample upon their employees' lives. 


Losing your job is terrifying.

If you lose your job, the first thing you think of is how you are going to pay your bills. You think about how you are going to put food on your table. You think about if you are going to be able to make your monthly mortgage/rent payments. These are not comforting thoughts. 

That is why people don't like to rock the boat with their employers. Why they won't complain of improper behavior until it is too late. It is because they don't want to lose their jobs.

However, employees have rights. While California is an at-will employment state, meaning either side can sever the employment at anytime, that does not mean you are without recourse. Your employer cannot fire you because of your sex, ethnicity, age, etc. Your employer cannot treat you differently than your co-workers because of your sex, ethnicity, age, etc. Yet, despite many limitations to what an employer can and cannot do, the employer ignores the limitations and do what they want to do.

That is when you want an attorney involved. At Coast Litigation, LLC we can ensure protection of your rights and walk you through the steps to ensure that you are treated properly by your employer, and if you aren't, we will help you hold your employer liable.

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