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We use our knowledge of the Probate Code and Courts to put our clients at equal footing with those that wish to take advantage of them. We powerfully advocate for our clients by ensuring that the decedents' true last wishes are recognized. Use the best Estate & trust litigation attorneys in Irvine.

Probate is confusing and expensive.

The reason is because the practice area of probate is much more expansive than it seems at first blush. While probate courts technically fall under the civil court system, most court houses have separate departments for probate. The reason is because there is a wide set of issues, whether it is dealing with a conservatorship, validity of a will, proper estate administration, competing petitions for probate, validity of trust, proper trust administration, creditor claims, etc. there is an overlay of rules in addition to the normal Code of Civil Procedure. 

This creates a labyrinth system of rules and red tape that can leave even the most seasoned of attorneys unfamiliar with probate court confused, let alone an ordinary person. That's where Coast Litigation, LLC can help. We know the probate system and can help guide you through the process, prevent a lot of unnecessary delay, and make sure you have someone in your corner.

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